Fersman museum information resourses

A few Mineral Information systems were developed in Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS with Russian Fund for Basic Research (RBRF) support:

MINERAL SPECIES INFORMATION SYSTEM MINSPEC v.3.3. This database includes data for names, chemical formulas, crystal systems, space groups, cell parameters, physical properties (x-ray data, optical properties, density, hardnes e.t.c.),  genesis and appearance for more than  4000 known mineral species along with data for more than 10000 varieties, synonims, mixtures and other kinds names. Database completely searchable, complete up to date and allows to edit and add information and new species. Available for distribusion as a separate version.

Click here to download demo  version of Minspec v.3.3

MUSEUM INFORMATION SYSTEM. Those databases Include all museum inventory (140000 items in 5 main collections) plus 60000 items from mineral section of Vernadskiy State Geological Museum in Moscow. It is easy to attach a new collection(s). We are updating our databases at least once a month..

MINSPEC version 3.3

MINSPEC  databases carry information for mineral species (>4000) and their attributes, variety and synonyms of minerals, uncertain and nonmineral natural compounds like bitumen, glasses etc.,(>10000). The program application allows to execute fast context search for any combination of data in databases including names, any parts of chemical formulas (with subscript), crystal systems and space groups, type localities of mineral species, colors, luster, optical properties for both ore and transparent minerals, d-spaces, density, hardness etc. Related information such as occurrence, place of type specimen deposit, references, and any kind text data can be viewed inputted and edited in a special window. The program allows to edit any data, to add new entries and to fill pre-existing empty fields with user’s information for existing entries as well. You can download and free demonstration version of Minspec v.3.3

It has all functions and differ from full working version only by the number of database entries. The number of species in demo version reduced to 1500 (from A to H)

Click here to download demo version of  Minspec v.3.3

To receive full working version  contact Dmitriy Belakovskiy:
Phone:  +7 (495) 952-0067
E-mail:  dmz@fmm.ru  
Mail address:         Leninskiy prospekt 18 korp 2, Moscow, Russia, 119071


Consist of to group of databases. First group is mineral species databases identical to MINSPEC (see above). Second group of databases for collection services. It includes data about 140000 items belongs to the systematic, crystal, locality, gem and pseudomorph collections of the Fersman Museum and 60000 items in mineral collection of State Geological Museum, Moscow. It's allows to get information about specimens in museum storage or expositions by their names (or mineral species names), inventory numbers, localities, years and sources of acquisitions, place of storage (in any combinations). The test information (description, comments, analytical data etc.) is stored in memo fields and available for editing or inputting data. It’s also possible to get an image of particular specimen or scientific information related to it. The program allows to attach new database (collection) or change one for another. While all data in museums databases are easy editable the original information remains in special file and always available for comparison. The project supported by Russian Fund for Basic Research.

For further information contact Dmitriy Delakovskiy:
Phone:  +7 (495) 952-0067

Fax:      +7 (495) 952-4850
Mail address:  Leninskiy prospekt 18 korp 2, Moscow, Russia, 119071
E-mail: dmz@fmm.ru


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